Pasubio is a specialised producer of luxury automotive upholstery and manufactured leather.

It produces finished articles from wet-blue or wet-white leather.
It is the leader of a big group that incudes 4 other companies: Arzignanese srl, Trissino spa, Sesta strada srl and Zermeghedo spa.

- Conceria Arzignanese srl
Via del Lavoro 14, Arzignano VI
- Conceria Pasubio Spa
Via Seconda Strada 38, Arzignano Vi
- Pasubio Divisione Sesta Strada
Via Sesta Strada 65, Arzignano Vi
- Pasubio Trim Division

Via Vicenza 34/c, Arzignano Vi
- Pasubio Divisione Zermeghedo
Via Valdichiampo 11, Zermeghedo VI

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