Model 231

Conceria Pasubio S.p.a., in the firm desire to implement the levels of transparency, loyalty and efficiency in the conduct of company activities, has adopted, in compliance with the regulations set out in Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 (Decree) on the administrative liability of entities, its own Organization, Management and Control Model (Model).

With the adoption of the Model, the Company pursues as its main objective that of establishing, within its corporate organization, a structured system of procedures and controls, aimed at reducing - if not eliminating - the risk of committing the relevant crimes pursuant to Decree and, more generally, of unlawful conduct.

The Model consists of a General Part, a Special Part and 5 Annexes. Among the attachments, the Code of Ethics is of particular importance, containing the founding values and ethical principles that describe and inspire the work and company policy of Conceria Pasubio Spa, and the Anti-corruption Policy which outlines the behavioral principles to be followed in carrying out company activities so that they comply with the provisions of national and international legislation on the "fight against corruption".


Suppliers, customers, consultants, and all those who in various capacities collaborate with Conceria Pasubio Spa or who have business relationships with it are invited to read the Model in all its parts, in particular the Code of Ethics and of the Anti-Corruption Policy, and, as far as compatible in relation to the role played by each one, are required to abide by and comply with the provisions contained therein.

  • Model 231